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With many years of experience in developing native applications, PNN Soft has thoroughly studied its features and advantages. The native app is 100% adapted to each platform, whether it is iOS or Android, and is written specifically for it in the appropriate language. The Native iOS app is Apple's mobile operating system that runs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. Apple provides tools and resources for creating apps and accessories for iOS devices. If you have already decided on the OS of the app, it is important to determine the integration parameters that will help it stand out among others.

Native apps development has high security, so if you want to create an effective app, you need to build it as a native app for each platform. In this case, we are talking about iOS.

Where to start - IT consulting in Kiev

Consulting. You should consult with specialists from several IT companies. Study their field of activity, portfolio, and experience working with projects similar to your application. Consulting services with IT specialists include not only the question of price & time but also discussion of business logic, application content, functionality, field, goals. Qualified developers and managers can offer better solutions for your business during the discussion and save your money on realization or increase efficiency. A mobile app especially requires support and technical updates. Therefore, a conscious software development company will always be interested in your interest and the benefits of cooperation on a future basis.

You can order an iOS app development in the form of a full package of services, or contact individual specialists and studios. The second approach may be cheaper, according to the initial assessment, but it is misunderstood. Breaking off software development between different freelance programmers or IT/Design studios is a huge risk. It is banal because the performers won't have any connection with each other. As a result, the final product may be of poor quality, or you will have to constantly spend money on fixing errors. Clearly, it is better to order the development of a native application in one IT company with a full stack of services.

Analytics and Methodology. The creation of an application begins with a discussion of the business logic and writing technical specifications. After consulting with experts, the main points are clarified, and by this stage, a team has been assembled for your project. During the development process, more specialists may be involved in the implementation, depending on the complexity of the product. The key to the success of the process is creating technical tasks, choosing the right development methodology, and creating high-quality business logic for the application is. All three factors will help determine the cost of development and the number of employees included in the development team.

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Steps for creating an iOS app

The success of an application development project largely depends on the correct choice of company and management methodology. Depending on the specifics of the project, we use flexible software development methodologies and practices based on Agile, DevOps, and CI, Scrum, and RUP.

Quality. A highly specialized native app developer will build a clean, unique code. Many years of development experience and clear standards for native iOS apps will help to make a high-quality product with a wide range of functionality and reduce the risk of bugs to a minimum.

Development. The app creation process starts with writing the code. PNN Soft has implemented many native iOS applications varying in complexity. We have experience in mobile app development for e-commerce, banking, trade, education, recreation, and sports. Swift or Objective-C are used by default for development. You can hire an iOS developer or a team that includes a tester, designer, or PR Manager in our company.

Design development for native iOS app is facilitated by the presence of ready-made elements of UX and UI interaction. However, it is important to bring uniqueness and make the app harmonious with its purpose of use. UX design is used for 100% in native development, which allows making a high-quality and interesting application.

App testing is performed on different Apple devices and versions of the operating system. The main task of testers is to check the adaptability of the application on different screens and check all aspects of its operation. For example, QA specialists simulate the app's use, display two applications on the screen at the same time, mark errors, log data, and check their security. This process has its nuances, as it depends on the application itself, future user, and the application's purpose.

The last step is to enter the app market correctly

Placements and updates. There is a low probability of rejection of placement in App Stores for native applications. This problem is often encountered by hybrid applications due to their development and security features. Among other things, before entering the store, the app is carefully checked for advanced description, the current privacy policy, the availability of screenshots of the product in high quality, and correctly specified technical characteristics. If the app is paid, this process is even more complicated and it is better to entrust it to professionals.

Innovations can be added immediately to the native applications after they were announced. Each update goes through all the previous stages, sometimes except for the design. Sometimes, the updates are mainly related to the design of parts of a particular screen, which doesn't significantly affect the technical feature of the product.

Outsourcing IOS app development, PNN Soft-quality guarantee

PNN Soft company is proud to have been working steadily and successfully in the IT market for about 20 years. We work with international companies from Germany, Israel, the USA, France. We use modern development methodologies and technologies for iOS mobile app building.


  • Swift;
  • Objective-C;
  • JavaScript;


  • Software analysis;
  • Implementing the app;
  • Testing;
  • UX and UI design;


  • Application implementation;
  • Redistricting;
  • R&D services;
  • Support;

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