Corporate Web Solutions


Corporate Web Solutions using Java (Java EE), C# (.Net, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC)

PNN Soft offers corporate intranet / internet solutions development based on IBM, Oracle and Microsoft products.

Our specialists provide full range of enterprise software development and implementation, including  ERP and CRM and other corporate solutions on demand:

  • Business Analysis and Consulting
  • Development of customized ERP and CRM solutions, etc.
  • Implementation and integration of the components and modules of the management systems (ERP, CRM systems, etc.)
  • Deployment and configuration of the corporate systems
  • Modernization and development of additional options
  • Data processing and transfer
  • Corporate systems integration with other IT systems of the enterprise
  • Service and support of corporate solutions

As a result, our customers receive the optimal, easily customizable solution that will automate business processes and effectively increase enterprise performance.

Our  Experience

Our experience includes projects development, implementation and integration of enterprise systems in various areas: banking and finance, management accounting, monitoring business processes, task management, organization of inventory accounting, business planning.

Our Services

The process of delivering corporate ERP and CRM systems on demand at our company consist of the following stages:

Analysis and Planning
Analysis and simulation of the business processes at the customer’s enterprise
Identification of the potential risks
Choosing the optimal strategy for building enterprise systems
Development and Testing
Development of basic and additional options of the system;
Design and tuning of all mechanisms;
Work with test business-data performance and business scenarios;
Quality assurance at all stages of development
Maintenance and Support
Maintenance and support

Our technological database corresponds to the latest requirements. Our team will build an optimal solution that will help you:

  • Integrate workflow and all enterprise systems into a single business process
  • Automate business processes
  • Increase the adaptability of the company's strategy
  • Solve the performance and scalability problems
  • Go to the web-based technologies across the enterprise
  • Provide mobile access to the system
  • Increase the level of information security

​You can also learn more about our services and specialization, or just contact us to discuss your project. 

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