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ClubKit – a mobile app for business

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PNN Soft never stops, the company continues to develop and create new business solutions. One of our recent solutions is the mobile application ClubKit. This platform can be used to create independent private and public spaces. Spaces are your business area for promoting and selling products and services. However, PNN Soft does not set limits and suggests using ClubKit as an online club for various communities. Users of the application are spread from medium-sized businesses to small entrepreneurs or creators who are interested in selling custom handcraft products.

Easy to create and start a business

Starting and running a business is a complex process, but ClubKit can simplify the process of creating an online presence for your business. You can download the app ClubKit here. The mobile application is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. The registration is simple and clear:1) register as an app user, 2) register as a business or customer. 3) start acting with the app. The step-by-step registration process will not make you wrong. Customers can immediately interact with existing spaces. However, Business accounts still need to do a couple of things, namely to choose the type of subscription to the ClubKit application. You can find out more details about the subscription terms in the app or on the website.

clubkit app registration

Create your spaces – a fascinating and absorbing process

The space for your business in ClubKit is an alternative to a custom mobile application development. You can use a set of available tools and widgets to create a digital showcase, service catalogue or blog. You can make them publicly available or private.  In the first case, all users will be able to see your brand on the main page of the application, and consumers will be able to follow. Access to closed spaces isn’t available. The space owner generates a digital or QR-code invitation. Using this code, the user sends a space subscription request. After the request is approved by the space administrator, the user will have access to the content.

create app for business

Design landing pages for prospective customers and followers. Utilizing the drag-and-drop feature, users can easily modify page content, make updates with just a few clicks, and strategically position essential ads on the main landing page.

Administrators with editing privileges can incorporate a widget featuring products and services, enabling users to peruse a carousel of available products.

Business users create product or service cards in a separate section of the application. Include key product information on the card and complete the corresponding product or service page with essential content. ClubKit provides the option to use promotional banners for products to attract the attention of your potential buyers. Showcase your offerings in the “Featured” section to highlight high-demand products.

app for online store
promote your online business with ClubKit

Organise thematic events or workshops

We know how essential it is for businesses to maintain communication with the consumer, and to immerse their customers in the history of brand creation and custom products. There is a separate section of Feeds in the ClubKit app. To make business-customer communication more engaging, users can also write articles on different topics related to offered products or services.  A great way to engage your subscribers with your items or info products is to tell the story behind them. Alongside that, articles may serve as a separate space for creating useful info products, thereby expanding the area of pure commerce. 

That’s a convenient way of organising thematic events for like-minded communities, such as lectures, workshops, or sports practices. ClubKit has functionality for calculating the number of potential visitors and simplifying the organising of events. 

no code app builder

Widgets are key tools for ClubKit spaces

To create bright and informative spaces for your activities in ClubKit users use widgets. The set of available widgets depends on the type of subscription chosen by the business user.

  1. Text widgets (5 types)
  2. Media widgets (9 types)
  3. Block divider widget (4 types)
  4. Store widgets (5 types)
  5. Community and contact widgets (6 types)
  6. Feed widgets (3 types)

By combining the available widgets, you can create a colourful and informative space that will be remembered by your users. This is a great alternative to developing a custom application for small businesses. Build your unique space, sell goods/services on demand, and promote your brand with articles. Stay close to your audience and stay exclusive in the ClubKit app.

create business space
Clubkit for business

Our team put significant effort into the project, collaborating with developers, testers, translators, marketers, and copywriters. We’ve successfully launched an app with the goal of simplifying the process of starting an online business for those who have been delaying it for an extended period. You are welcome to download the app and give ClubKit a try for free, or take advantage of the 7-day trial period.

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