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PNN Soft uses proven technologies to deliver tailored solutions that align with business objectives. Our teams of skilled developers combine their technical proficiency with industry best practices for software solutions.

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We use a full range of programming technologies in our projects such as:

Technological expertise of PNN Soft

PNN Soft company, for 20 years of activity in the IT field, has implemented more than a thousand projects for businesses in many industries. Highly qualified staff have a wide specialization in providing software development services. We offer a wide range of services that include: software development (mobile, web, desktop), offshore development, testing, device maintenance, UI/UX design development, as well as IT consulting services, software support and security, etc.

We use the most reliable software development methodologies and practices that influence the concept of project management and affect the final results. Using modern technologies, we adapt the product for such operating systems as: Android, iOS, Windows, OSX, Linux.


How do we select a development methodology?

When choosing a development methodology, we conduct a thorough preliminary analysis of the market and the purpose of the product, consumers and competitors, and determine the main goals and development timeframes. This approach to the choice of methodology allows you to improve the result and optimize the process of working on a project.

Methodologies that PNN Soft uses

The most classic technology development, which is also used in PNN Soft, is the methodology of Waterfall. This cascade cycle allows you to accurately optimize each of the stages of product design and strictly follows the specification.

In addition to the classic cascade development model, IT specialists at PNN Soft also use more flexible technologies like: RUP, TDD, Scrum, and Agile and CI practices. So, for example, Agile is a flexible, multi-functional and structured development technology, which conditionally includes “sprints” and “scrum”. Scrum - is a development strategy that allows you to repeatedly modify the product by saturating it with new features. Development on Scrum can act both independently and be used to develop not large-scale projects, and to be part of the practice of Agile.

Practice DevOps to build a test environment

Modern DevOps practice is used by PNN Soft in order to achieve high efficiency and improve the quality of software using leading cloud platforms. The development of a large-scale corporate IT product is impossible without a DevOps engineer.

Technologies such as Chad, Jenkins, TeamCity, Kibana, Elasticsearch, Terraform, PowerShell, allow our experts to provide continuous integration (CI). In addition, this ensures the reliability and optimization of software quality. We conduct continuous monitoring of distributed systems with high loads, thereby speeding up the process of implementing the final product.

When choosing technologies and development methodologies, it is necessary to consider the market and the sphere in which the product will work, consider all deadlines and scales, consumers and competitors.

If you are interested in software development at PNN Soft, you can leave a request below, we will contact you and answer your questions.