PWA Development for Android and iOS
Progressive Web App developers provide well-run solutions for iOS and Android devices and several desktop browsers.

Outsourcing PWA development by PNN Soft

PNN Soft provides Progressive web application development for mobile devices and several browsers that support full PWA functionality. Our professionals equip customers with user-friendly and cost-effective apps. Since 2001 PNN Soft provides IT solutions for different business spheres. Progressive web app developers create efficient and reliable applications for multiple purposes, including e-commerce, social media, the Internet of Things, BLE solutions. Creating a positive user experience for installation and usage is key to success. Therefore, developers follow the latest technology solutions and choose an effective methodology of PWA realization to achieve that purpose. PNN Soft successfully starts and releases custom-made PWA projects.


Fundamental elements to create high-quality web progressive app

Developers follow the main trends in IT. We consider the specifics of the PWA implementation sphere, create various solutions and provide applications with adapted functions. What highlights Progressive Web applications is below.

Web progressive app
  • Available without constant access to the Internet or low connection quality. Users can use the app without wasting traffic. For example, view the menu, the list of products-add to the cart. Thus, without spending traffic on downloading product cards. You will only need to connect to the network when placing an order directly. Also, such kinds of apps work even in low-speed 2G networks.
  • Web progressive app has a high download speed. It is a fact that the loading time of the platform on mobile devices significantly affects the conversion rate.
  • PWA is a tool of implementation solutions for e-commerce markets. Therefore, both PWA speed and security are the main aspects developers focus on.
PWA development tools
  • It imitates native apps or has a versatility of use. The task of developers and designers is to implement all the functions and visual representation on any device under the customer's requirements and the type of application
  • Wide borders. Some Progressive Applications allow users to create their custom solutions. For instance, IoT solutions through Bluetooth connectivity provide users with the ability to set devices for individual needs.
  • Bluetooth compatibility. The PWA development tools include tasks for implementing a reliable BLE connection. Modern web-based progressive applications support Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

Progressive web apps for iOS will expand your experience with apps

PNN Soft offers particular solutions for Apple devices. The latest system updates from versions 11.0 to 14.0 provide Us and users with more opportunities to use PWA. Apple has added support for a basic set of new technologies underlying the idea of iOS progressive web apps. PWA can work inside the native browser like any website or offline like any other application in the system. There are specifics of implementing solutions of this nature on the company's devices. However, the experience of PNN Soft developers allows the implementation of progressive web solutions quickly.

  • Objective-C, Swift
  • iOS
Custom development
  • Analyse
    Development implementation
    QA deployment

Teams of progressive web apps for Android development services in Kyiv

Android progressive web apps are widespread, the implementation of solutions is more accessible based on this operating system. PNN Soft develops apps for Android OS. We ensure the adapted interaction with the native application for each platform. The company offers custom PWA development services for Android, iOS. We are ready to supply you with separate Android developers or iOS teams to customize complex solutions.


Advanced PWA development services at PNN Soft

  • We implement high app's performance;
  • Support low-speed 2G networks;
  • Support low-speed 2G networks;
  • Supports Bluetooth connection;
  • We ensure safety apps;
  • Our PWA apps are Lightning Fast;
  • Designers create stylish UI;
  • We provide Intuitive UX for users;
  • We ensure PWA adaptivity;
  • We create efficient solutions;
  • Lightweight takes up less device RAM;
  • Relevant in a business environment (IT solutions for business).

The success of software development project largely depends on the correct methodology choice for project development and management. Depending on the project specifics, we use flexible software development methodologies and practices based on Agile, DevOps, CI and other:

Development and Operations

Rational Unified Process

Continuous integration practices

Test Driven Development

PNN Soft progressive web app development company Implement PWA Solutions for Various Industries

Our Dedicated Development Teams consist of highly skilled programmers, analysts, and QAs with deep knowledge and experience in creating PWA Solutions. We provide efficient, reliable, interactive apps for enterprises and individuals.  

You can review the Portfolio for more information. To request a skilled progressive web application development team, contact us by the form below.


Our Projects
Task Management System administration portal for business

PNN Soft developers created Task Management System and implement efficient solutions for it. The System includes Task Administration Portal and Task Application for iOS and Android.

Digital Infrastructure & Operations System

The business process automatization with digital solutions plays an essential role today. PNN Soft creates the solution for the organization of work processes and communication of internal employees.

Market Support: Complex Back-end App for Reliable Solutions

The dedicated development team creates a dependable mobile solution for master data management of the markets.

Web Analytic Application for Consumer Engagement and Management

Web app for users behavior analytics – is the decision for companies’ business improvement. PNN Soft created the web app for market configuration.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Data Collection Application

We have created the app for data collection for iOS and Android Operation System. The app collects data with Bluetooth Low Energy. It is perfectly suited for small-to-medium network size IoT applications.

Bluefy - Web Bluetooth API Solution for iOS Devices

A new solution for wireless connection via the WebBLE API for iOS devices. New product by PNN Soft.

inCarDoc Android - Top 10 Apps at Google Play - 5 500 000 Downloads!

inCarDoc Android - the most downloadable app at the Google Play in the Transportation section - 5 500 000 Downloads from all over the world

inCarDoc iOS - World-wide Car Diagnostic Application - More Than 2 500 000 Downloads!

inCarDoc iOS - best native OBD-II car diagnostic application for iPhone/iPad. Diagnostic App to Make You a Better Driver!

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