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Embedded software solution for power station

software for power station

PNN Soft has implemented several projects for the power supply sector. Thanks to our experience, we have a team of specialists actively working on software for electrical networks and high-voltage substations to organize the operation of the device.

Project Description

We have experience in developing systems for power utility automation of intelligent electronic devices (IEDs). Our experts are working on developing a software library for parsing SCL descriptions and generating control unit settings to organize the operation of the embedded device.  Device settings are loaded from the SCL description/file. Loading of the new configuration of the device is carried out at the user’s command.

The software library is designed to work as part of firmware on Linux, RTOS, Windows operating systems with the library. 

Functions.  Retrieve a list of integrated microprocessor-based power system load controller (IED) parameters; retrieve parameter values ​​(Electricity Markets and Power System); view a list of user-configured data sets; report curation, view RCB parameters; view parameters and list GSE control units (coating devices per stage peak energy consumption).

Library functionality

The library includes two functional blocks.  The first block is responsible for reading, parsing, checking and obtaining the necessary data.  For example, IED list, communication parameters, data sets, and control unit communication parameters (for GSE Control and SampledValueControl). This block also provides user-requested access to data sets (received signals) for an external control block, a list of report control blocks (RCBs), and data verification for model compliance, etc.  

The second block generates the necessary data structures under the standard for their configuration and subsequent use in the device using exported function sets to the library.  The library functions are accessed when a new SCL configuration is loaded into the device.  The operation of this block is based on the data from the processing results of the previous block.

We have developed a library for obtaining and parsing the necessary configuration data in accordance with the standard:


PNN Soft developers ensured the scalability of the project and its versatility thanks to high-quality and carefully recompiled code for any processor architecture. The source code of the library is implemented in C and C++. Processor architecture: ARM Cortex-A15. Additionally, the open library pugixml is used (for file parsing itself). The library works with SCL versions: 2.1, 2.0 and 1.0.