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Database App Development Services

We provide desktop app development services to achieve your customer engagement objectives with customisable and scalable corporate CRM or ERP systems through reliable desktop application development for Windows and macOS.

Database Building | PNN Soft

Your partner in database design and development

A reliable database lies at the core of any efficient digital product and platform, since it allows us to connect user needs and business objectives harmoniously. At PNN Soft, we focus on database-building projects to enhance operational and administrative performance, streamline workflow and optimise decision-making. A database is a crucial element of your software that drives the system forward and simplifies upscaling, not just a cookie-cutter data container.

We have more than 20 years of experience in creating robust solutions in line with your business needs and priorities: from the digital migration to devising the platform for a bespoke system. Our custom database development company is skilled in implementing various types of databases, such as object-oriented, hierarchical, relational (RDBMS), etc.

Custom Database Application Development

Getting the engineering right is only a part of the process. What is important for us is to develop the right database solution in line with the future software product. If you need us to create database development services for web, mobile, or internal data-driven software, we will gladly help. PNN Soft company has extensive experience in releasing big-data solutions with rock-solid databases.


PNN Soft offers efficient and reliable services

We deliver various types of database software

Customer database software

Quick and smooth management of contacts and customer profiles helps to deliver highly personalised customer service.

Membership database software

Coordinate employees with ease and inform them of events and changes in schedule.

Marketing database software

Derive insight from your data to back up the marketing strategy.

Inventory database software

Record your inventory thoroughly and accurately to make prompt decisions based on data.

Real estate database software

Stay proactive and find the best match for any client request.

Patient database software

Work with patients' data without security and privacy concerns.

Our company develops database software for various industries, including marketing and advertisement, financial and telecommunications companies that work with large amounts of information and clients. PNN Soft experienced programmers always pay attention to load balancing and software reliability. We use the most efficient tools and technologies that allow us to meet any business needs. If you require additional information on how to transform your business through custom database software development, please, contact our experts.