Outsourcing Database Development

Custom Database Development Company

PNN Soft provides custom database design and development services in various business sectors across the world. With over 15 years of experience, our team has deep knowledge and expertise in database development from concept creation to implementation. Data is a core of everything, so we understand the importance of its efficiently using and managing. PNN Soft specialists have a huge experience of development unique, high-performing databases meeting all enterprises needs and requirements.

Microsoft SQL Server, mysql, dynamodb, Oracle
PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB
.NET (C#), Java, PHP, C/C++, Python, web API, web services ios, Android SOAP, REST, XML etc.

Database Design and Development Services

Our expert team always uses the right mix of technologies and selects the most appropriate database engine during the development process for achieving customer`s business goals. We offer reliable Database Design (Database Architecture) for saving data from errors and increasing the organization productivity.

PNN Soft deliver following services:

 Database planning, design, and development
 Custom Database Migration
 Data analytics and data-mining
 Database Consulting & Management
 Database Integration
 User-Friendly Interfaces
 Database Backup and restore
 Debugging and repair
 Database reporting
 Database Maintenance & Support

Development methodologies

The success of software development project largely depends on the correct methodology choice for project development and management. Depending on the project specifics, we use flexible software development methodologies based on AgileDevOps CI:

-  DevOps – Development and Operations
-  CI – Continuous integration practices

PNN Soft Database Development Expertise

Our company is a reliable software development partner for various international enterprises. We have implemented thousands of stable solutions, applications with multi-million downloads, high load systems and other products, including custom database development. PNN Soft development team offers database stability, security, and performance. We help to empower our client`s business, using latest technologies and best practices. In this way, PNN Soft has a reputation as a trusted outsourcing development company at international IT market.

You can review our Portfolio for more information about completed projects.

Please, contact us to learn more and request a professional database development.

Our Projects
Task Management System administration portal for business

PNN Soft developers created Task Management System and implement efficient solutions for it. The System includes Task Administration Portal and Task Application for iOS and Android.

Digital Infrastructure & Operations System

The business process automatization with digital solutions plays an essential role today. PNN Soft creates the solution for the organization of work processes and communication of internal employees.

Market Support: Complex Back-end App for Reliable Solutions

The dedicated development team creates a dependable mobile solution for master data management of the markets.

Web Analytic Application for Consumer Engagement and Management

Web app for users behavior analytics – is the decision for companies’ business improvement. PNN Soft created the web app for market configuration.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Data Collection Application

We have created the app for data collection for iOS and Android Operation System. The app collects data with Bluetooth Low Energy. It is perfectly suited for small-to-medium network size IoT applications.

Bluefy - Web Bluetooth API Solution for iOS Devices

A new solution for wireless connection via the WebBLE API for iOS devices. New product by PNN Soft.

inCarDoc Android - Top 10 Apps at Google Play - 5 500 000 Downloads!

inCarDoc Android - the most downloadable app at the Google Play in the Transportation section - 5 500 000 Downloads from all over the world

inCarDoc iOS - World-wide Car Diagnostic Application - More Than 2 500 000 Downloads!

inCarDoc iOS - best native OBD-II car diagnostic application for iPhone/iPad. Diagnostic App to Make You a Better Driver!

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