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We are engineers. We find the solution.
We achieve goals.
We create solutions that work on the result of your projects.

PNN Soft - highly efficient solutions for market leaders.

Universal solution in software development

System approach to software development

Complex approach in solving business-processes

Efficient solutions for business


PNN Soft offers custom software development services
for companies from different spheres of business:
Finance and Banking
Power Supply
Auto and Transport
Retail and E-commerce
E-learning and Media


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PNN Soft offers full range of custom software development services, complex web solutions and business process automation, including software development and web development of mobile and desktop applications. Our services cover all stages of the software development life cycle, from business analysis and design to actual development, quality assurance and project maintenance after the launch.

We provide IT outsourcing and out-staffing services to implement your software project. Our dedicated team of specialists - experienced, proven and reliable. We will help you to solve the problem of existing business systems and create solutions that support your employees and customers for years.
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Our Client Testimonials
Very useful tool! Great to be able to see a graph of the parameters instead of just a bunch of numbers. Helped me diagnose a throttle position sensor fault on a Peugeot which other apps told me was a catalytic converter fault.
Brian Jacobs
Great app! This is the only app that can connect to my 1997 Toyota Windom (ES300) ECU. This is due to my car's non-standard implementation of ISO 14230 protocol. Despite, this app is smart enough to try the different parameters like 9.6kbps baud rate and headers for successful ECU connection, though it takes a while for the trials.
Dakota Sewell
Awesome! This is a great obd reader. It even tells you what the code means. Already saved me money. Hate depending on crook mechanics to be honest. Now I know exactly why my engine light came on.
Steve Hardgainer
Works great. Did everything a Creader or high end Snap on scan tool could do. If you know what you are looking for you can easily diagnostic a problem. Let's you clear codes and turn of check engine light which is invaluable for inspections and for selling/trades. Works with a cheap 5 dollar Bluetooth plug.
Dan Whitehouse
Great, easy to use linked up well with my adaptor. Bought in case of fault lights. Easy to view engine stats etc.
Darren Morgan
Great App! This worked great, easy to use and picked up codes the other one I tried didn't. I bought the pro version just to support the makers of the app, even though the free version did what I needed.
Rick Rosas
Very nice app. Helped me remove error from my Seat Altea. Really easy to use. Best recommendations from me!
Jonas Thilemann
Good app, just scanned my Peugeot with this app it gave me one code and info about the fault torque free wouldn't give fault info also gives engine data rpm coolant temperature etc. This app does the job and gets 5 stars from me!
Tom Earnshaw