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24th e-Commerce Warsaw Expo & Conference

ecommerce warshaw expo conference

We have considerable experience in IT and have been providing offshore software development services for more than 20 years. However, PNN Soft is not ready to stop. In the autumn of 2023, we visited several IT conferences and summits, including the 24th e-Commerce Warsaw Expo & Conference.

ecommerce conference

The event took place in Warsaw, Poland on the 27th of October. It was an extraordinary gathering where industry experts, thought leaders, and forward-thinkers came together to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and success stories in the online commerce world.

ecommerve expo

The PNN Soft team was pleased to be part of the event. We were able to discuss solutions in the field of logistics and delivery, the strategy of promotion of goods and improvement in the market of e-commerce, as well as to discuss issues of digitalization of trade.

We have developed various e-commerce solutions: mobile applications, CRM, ERP, CMS, and web platforms.