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Computer Vision Consulting

Scale your AI initiatives and collect data issues from videos and images with a dedicated development team. The PNN Soft team includes highly skilled AI specialists who provide clients with machine vision consulting.

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Important highlights of computer vision software: how do we overcome challenges

We coordinate business using machine learning or neural networks. Our goal is to create a digital solution for data management and problem detection.

The company’s experience allows for effective consultations with potential customers. We’re analysing existing resources and infrastructure. Computer vision software is a way to increase business performance, automate production and boost marketing strategy. From our experience, we know how to prevent potential obstacles. PNN Soft consultations are aimed at informing about critical aspects of efficient computer-vision software development.

Processes automation provides businesses with the advantages of solving issues:

  • turning monotonous tasks into prompt iterative consultations, optimising workflow
  • decreasing the risk of human mistakes, which brings prompt delivery of services, information products or goods
  • minimise employees' time and resources by preventing malfunctions and possible errors
  • identifying customers' behavioural patterns to improve decision-making.

Unlocking Vision: Expert Computer Vision Consultancy Services for Innovative Solutions

Explore the realm of Computer Vision Consulting and discover how expert services can harness cutting-edge technology for your business needs.

Standard steps of computer vision development:

Training data delivery
Initially, a necessary volume of training data needs to be provided to data science professionals. From that moment, data annotation and verification processes start.
Model design
Our objective here is to obtain the highest accuracy possible; therefore, we implement training and deploying ML models and continuously optimise them.
App development
Here, robust solutions on the basis of ML models are explicitly created. The stage implies design, business analysis, development itself and post-development support and consulting services.
System Integration
In line with our client's needs and preferences, we configure the solution to make sure the programming product serves its purpose effectively.

Which range of computer vision services are in demand?

Applying image segmentation is the most requested by business sectors that utilise face recognition technology, object tracking or medical image processing.

Optical character recognition for monotonous task automation is widely used when extracting data from unstructured files is needed.

Image similarity search is used for the advantage of product-matching technology and promptly find similar items based on images across the web.

Creative interpretations of data. This technology is suitable for the entertainment and gaming industry and all the companies that work with synthesising characters, turning sketches into realistic objects, generating 3D content, etc.

In VR, communication or computer graphics, point clouds are widely utilised to recreate detailed and thorough models of real-world objects.

Computer vision software by PNN Soft

From image recognition to AI-powered insights, PNN Soft are skilled consultants who drive innovation, efficiency, and impactful applications through tailored computer vision solutions. If you want to request collaboration with a vision consultant or find out more about the services we provide, please, fill out the form below.