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PNN Soft created a B2B and B2C portal for the data processing system of utility meters

Software to measure utility meters data

PNN Soft experts have developed a custom software project – a web application for quickly and regularly reading data from heat, water, and electricity meters.  These meters are installed on heating networks, hot water and ventilation facilities in buildings of various sizes, from apartments and houses to a district and even a city.

Project Description

The web application connects to utility meters to track, read, store and process their current readings. The program allows users to store data and create reports, track indicators for an apartment, house or city district. The data obtained by the web application can be used to analyse and optimize the cost consumption of heat, electricity, cold and hot water. The web solution has an interactive map that allows you to view information about data collection and electricity/heat energy consumption for residential complexes and individual houses. Supports registration of condominium associations, housing and communal organizations and individual owners.

data processing system structure

The project was implemented for businesses and users. The software has wide functionality that can be divided into roles. 

PNN Soft developers have implemented two main modules that form the main functionality of the software:

The year-long project saw the developers adapt the software to a wide array of types, makes, and sellers of diverse meters. The energy portal gathers and processes information from more than 200 device models that collect and send data. The system is compatible with various manufacturers and types of meters.

Meter models with which the software is already configured:

Technologies we use

Our developers have the fundamental knowledge and experience to implement this project.  The technical software development process is designed to simplify the process of updating and deploying a project.