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Information Technology Consulting Services

Pre-development recommendations from IT professionals are the way to recognize the hard and weak features and opportunities of your business in the digital world. The IT consultation allows you to comprehensively assess the strengths and weaknesses of your project, both existing and potential. Business and digital products, it is important to remain modern, in a rapidly changing technological world.

Consultancy It Services | PNN Soft

Custom IT Business Consultancy Services

PNN Soft is an experienced IT partner with international employees who provide IT solutions for over 20 years. PNN Soft offers consulting services for business and technology companies. Together with our customers, we strive for innovation, so we are always careful to analyse the scope of the application solution and are open to offering a cost-effective approach.

IT consulting services allow businesses to find the most effective methods and tools for implementing digitalisation tasks. The consulting at PNN Soft covers the estimation of software specifications, business and tech resource analysis, expert evaluation and project planning, and concept discussion.

PNN Soft — IT consultant for businesses

The company provides services for numerous industries and directions, namely: Healthcare, Community and civil services, Transport and logistics, and Telecommunications. We also realised insights for Education, Producing, Retailing, Banking and Financial, Management and marketing. Already at the consultation stage, PNN acts as your partner. Technical experts assess your request and are ready to involve analysts and product managers in this process. Our mission is to open up new business opportunities where digital solutions are ahead.

PNN Soft works with global enterprises and builds programming solutions for automation tasks, management and other operations that help firms to stay competitive and satisfy the customer. IT consulting and services are available for any firm that left a quote on our site or mailed us.

Consultancy IT services that make your insights work

PNN Soft strives to build sustainable IT capabilities able to support business plans. With our information technologies consulting, customers will reach the stability and flexibility of a firm's IT infrastructure. Today, it is highly important to have well-functioning and aligned software. Therefore, consulting IT experts is the first step on the way to the aim.

IT assessment for the business performance

Cybersecurity assessment

Digitalisation analytics of business

IT strategy level. Consulting & planning

IT infrastructure management

IT operation consulting

Build and proof of the concept

Software Specification Estimation

With us, your business operations can be performed faster and give better results. We deliver services to customers for business process analysis and software specifications preparation to provide an efficient solution. IT consulting services are aimed at ensuring the growth of the customer company, development of prospects of digitalisation and economic benefits from it.

Looking back on our experience, we suppose that the success of the software project largely depends on the well-planned software specifications and project plan.

Consulting on software specifications

We know how to make sure that the operations of your enterprise can be performed faster and give better results. Terms and conditions of software specifications design depend on the project scope and the specifics of the future IT system. We always negotiate every aspect of the project individually with each client. Achieve faster project workflow and quality. We pay special attention to the issue of system, network, or software security. Today, cybersecurity is an acute and important stage of digitalisation.

Detailed negotiation with the customer and defining system assignment

Projects' planning, terms discussing, and conditions of implementation

System business requirements

System technical requirements

System architecture

Software specifications preparation

Our consulting services can be provided both in complex and individually. It depends on the specificity of the task, as reported by technical experts. PNN Soft is a consulting IT company, that relies on experience.

Contact us for detailed information or to request a quote to get expert evaluation and Recommendations on Project Technologies.