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Desktop Applications Development

We provide desktop app development services to achieve your customer engagement objectives with customizable and scalable corporate CRM or ERP systems through reliable desktop application development for Windows and macOS.

Develop Cross Platform Desktop Applications | PNN Soft

Desktop Application Development Services by PNN Soft

Our team has an in-depth understanding of how low-level desktop operating systems assist in spanning the entire cycle of desktop solutions. We are aware of how to overcome the most complex customer challenges and ensure seamless digital transformation and consulting.

We have extensive experience in app development for Windows and creating efficient systems with high speed of work, broad functionality and responsive interface. PNN Soft experts would gladly help you design reliable desktop solutions from scratch, modernise existing platforms and hence turn your business into more profitable and agile.

Desktop Applications Development Include:

What can PNN Soft offer to business clients?


Our Solutions for Desktop Applications:

Our experience encompasses the development of simple business applications and more complex distributed solutions that comprise modern, robust and proven technologies. Thanks to the most reliable and efficient software development methodologies — DevOps, CI, Scrum and Agile — we prevent additional expenses and manage our time wisely.

We create Windows and macOS desktop application solutions on demand for all business spheres.

Custom desktop applications
User-friendly desktop software solutions and custom client-server applications for specific business needs
Daemon applications
Development of background services and utilities that work without direct user interaction to perform continuous operations
Hybrid applications
Robust, high-performing, scalable, and secure applications for business and IT needs

We Offer a Full Cycle of Desktop Applications Development

Development and Testing
  • Requirements analysis software
  • Specifications preparation system
  • Projection and GUI design
Development and Testing
  • R&D
  • Application implementation
  • Quality assurance
  • Application maintenance and support

Here are the main stages we go through side by side with our clients:


It all starts with goal setting, identifying current issues and finding ways to address them.


In other words, mapping out a roadmap highlighting the content and functions set of the future solution.


At this stage, our primary goal is to agree upon the desired look of your platform.


Thanks to Agile methodology, both client and developers team can modify the project promptly and share ideas and preferences.


The PNN Soft team focuses on providing your company with a customer-driven experience, which results in faster ROI.


PNN Soft is ready to continue to support programming products, update them and administrate.

If you have questions regarding desktop app development, feel free to contact our team using the form below.


Custom Development Services for various industries:

We have a huge experience in creating and integrating custom development solutions for different companies in the following industries: