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Research and Development Mobile, Java, C#, Algorithms

PNN Soft research team includes the experts in the fields of modeling and forecasting on experimental data, decision support and pattern recognition, linear and nonlinear analyses, signal processing and numerical methods. Our experts accomplish research that has further practical application in software development.

We conduct research in the areas of:
R&D in Mobile

Our experts do not just develop mobile applications for multiple platforms (iOS, Android, BlackBerry), but also carry out research in this areas as a connection to a variety of adapters and devices, research in the field of mobile solutions for the automobile, healthcare, etc. Detailed information about the service of research and development in the field of mobile applications can be found here.

R&D in Business
Process Automation

We explore new technologies while creating enterprise solutions of BPM, ESB, CRM, ERP based on IBM, Microsoft, Oracle product line. Our team consists of experienced analysts, developers and quality assurance specialists who put into practice research and development services for business process automation with the application of the latest technologies: Java EE (Java), .Net (C#), BPM, ESB (IBM BPM, PEGA PRPC, PEGA Mobile). For more information about the service click here.

R&D in Web

Constantly developing our own approaches to the resources design, we research and implement the latest technologies in the field of web solutions: Web 2.0, HTML5, CSS3 and others. Our specialists provide a full range of enterprise software development and implementation, including ERP and CRM and other corporate solutions. With the details of this service can be found following the link.

R&D department of PNN Soft company that develops innovative data mining and real-time signal processing methods and algorithms

These methods are in practical use and we are responsible for their applications in computational chemistry, neurophysiology, medicine (ECG & EEG analysis), financial market analysis and forecasting and other fields. PNN Soft provides both scientific solution and software implementation.

Polynomial Neural Network (PNN)

Polynomial Neural Network (PNN) algorithm - GMDH-type neural network - one of the most promising methods developed by PNN Soft Research team. The goal of the algorithm application is to extract knowledge from experimental data and to determine its best mathematical description. The proposed method can be used to analyze complex data sets with the aim to determine internal data relationships and to present knowledge about these relationships in the form of mathematical description (polynomial regression). As an example of possible application area of PNN algorithm, one can consider any sphere where sets of observation data should be analyzed and data relationships models should be built. There are, for example, chemistry (QSAR), economical systems analyses, stocks and financial market instruments, insurance risks study, medical diagnostics, etc.

Phase Space Technique
(PST) Algorithms

Phase Space Technique (PST) is another innovative method for nonlinear analysis, signal processing and pattern recognition developed by PNN Soft Research. This approach considers signals in phase space and accounts for two different types of noise: additive and perturbative. The first type, additive noise, contributes to distortion of the absolute values of signal peaks. The second type, perturbative noise, contributes to variations of the retention times of signal peaks and distorts the time scale. The ability to consider both types of noise significantly distinguishes it from existing methods of data analysis, which are usually designed to treat only the additive noise. Analysis of signals in phase space eliminates the problem of perturbation noise and enables detection and comparison of similar signal segments realized at different retention times. PNN Soft Company PST algorithms implementation not only gives the unique opportunity for signal processing but also provides the efficient real-time software.

Epilepsy Seizure
Diagnostics and Prediction

Early epilepsy seizure diagnostics and prediction technique based on automatic real-time numerical EEG analysis. The distinctions are

  • Prediction time (15-20 min) that is enough to prevent the seizure by injection, to go away from the risk zone and avoid the incidents (road incidents)
  • Computational effective algorithms that allow implementing method as personal portable medical facility
Scientific research was performed
in collaboration with:
  • GenChemiCs, Princeton, NJ, US
  • University of Lausanne, Switzerland
  • University of Missouri-St. Louis, US
  • Center for Molecular Design, University of Portsmouth, UK
  • Software for financial forecasting was developed for Nelson&Moritz, Hamburg, Germany

Our Phase Space Technique (PST) algorithms are used for Pharmaceutical Fingerprinting based on nonlinear modeling of chromatograms (HPLC), for the mixture of neuron spikes separation, EEG signal processing and epilepsy seizure forecasting. Our Polynomial Neural Network (PNN) algorithms are applied in drug design Quantitative Structure Relationship (QSAR) studies for forecasting of compounds activity and in financial modeling and forecasting.

Our Projects
inCarDoc Android - Top 10 Apps at Google Play - 5 500 000 Downloads!

inCarDoc Android - the most downloadable app at the Google Play in the Transportation section - 5 500 000 Downloads from all over the world

inCarDoc iOS - World-wide Car Diagnostic Application - More Than 2 500 000 Downloads!

inCarDoc iOS - best native OBD-II car diagnostic application for iPhone/iPad. Diagnostic App to Make You a Better Driver!

Corporate Social Network Based on the DotNetNuke CMS for Advertising Company

Corporate portal solution for the German advertising company based on the content management system open source DotNetNuke CMS.

RhythmGO – the application for psychodiagnostics in medical institutions

PNN company has developed the RhythmGO application for an analyzing and correction user`s behavior in psychology.

Automated Card System for banking sector

Solution for implementation of various operations with card products at financial institutions, providing customer service on the client cards. 

“Language teacher” - e-learning program for kids

Teaching program "Write the Word"- Language teacher for kids and preschoolers designed for PC based on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Online Learning Web System - ProTOS

System for the creation of training programs, tests and questionnaires with interactive game elements for the best learning effect.

Street Racing Speedometer - the application is specially designed for the drivers and speed fans

The application allows measuring car acceleration from 0 to 60 mph and up to the maximum speed with equal ease while driving a car using your favourite Android phone.

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