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Custom Python Software Development Company

PNN Soft provides a professional Python software development services.  Python is an open-source object-oriented programming language with a classic compiler structure. Our specialists develop highly readable, efficient and scalable programming products using Agile methodology. We are experts in Python rich libraries and many packages. This technology is excellent for the web development and efficient for processing huge datasets. Our Python dedicated development teams are experienced in web, desktop, mobile applications, high load systems and many other solutions that we have successfully implemented for different industries.

Our Python technological expertise includes:

JavaScript, jQuery, HTML/HTML5, CSS
PostgreSQL, MSSQL, GIT, SVN etc.
Frameworks and Libraries
Django, Tornado, Flask, OpenObject, TurboGears
Zope, Plone, Web2py, Pylo, Grok, CherryPy
PureMVC, Quixote, MoinMoin, Trac, Pyramid

We Provide Following Custom Python Development Services:

 Python Web Application Development
 Python SaaS Development
 Python PaaS Development
 Mobile Application Development
 Python Desktop Application Development
 Python and PHP Integration Services
 Python custom CMS development
 Application Development using Django
 Third Party Integrations
 Custom Python UI Development in Various Frameworks
 Python Support & Maintenance Services

Custom Django Software Development

PNN Soft developers have extensive experience with this efficient framework. Django provides fast, reliable and scalable web-based applications development. It is a cost-effective tool with rich functionality four your business goals achievement.

PNN Soft Provides Python development services in following industries: 

Finance and Banking
Banking systems implementation for integration with international money transfer systems, coordination systems for budget requests and operational control of the budget use, automation system of crediting business processes, etc.
Creating digital multi-functional solutions in the field of multimedia. Custom TV channels development, ratings analysis system creating, involving CRM systems for managing customers. Creation of web application that provides the processing of incoming calls in the call center.
Power Supply
Implementation of integrated solutions in the energy sector. Developing a system for power stations to collecting, processing and accounting of electricity from remote industrial meters. Creating a portal and desktop application management and automatic data collection from heat meters of residential houses.
Auto and Transport
Development of technology for the measurement of acceleration speed car using GPS and accelerometer. Creating a mobile application that allows you to analyze the status of various parameters of the engine and the car in real time using a smartphone.
E-learning and Media
Corporate solutions for the survey organization, personnel training and testing companies. An alternative application for marketing campaigns creation. An interactive promotion application to advertise products and services for trading companies.
Providing software solutions and mobile applications in the medical industry. Creating software for optimization of the workflow in healthcare, and also a development of an information web resource Imed for the systematization of information on medicines and pharmaceutical goods assortment.
Retail and E-commerce
 a wide range of projects in the field of e-commerce. From the creation of a web-based application for reserving seats and purchase tickets in theaters, cinemas, airports and transport companies to developing a web application for the furniture design, calculation and formation of the order, etc.

Development Methodologies

The success of software development project largely depends on the correct methodology choice for project development and management. Depending on the project specifics, we use flexible software development methodologies and practices based on Agile, DevOpsCI and other:

-  DevOps – Development and Operations
-  CI – Continuous integration practices

Hire Python Dedicated Development Team

PNN Soft Company offers experienced Python dedicated development teams for customer`s business growth. We always apply to our clients a highly scalable, reliable web and desktop applications by using efficient libraries and frameworks, following Agile methodology.

You can review our Portfolio for more information about completed projects.

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