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Scrum software development methodology

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PNN Soft Company uses Scrum which allows to provide the customer with software having new features by the rigid, fixed and short intervals (sprints)

According to the principles of this methodology, our specialists arrange daily Scrum teleconferences and communicate with foreign customers via Skype. This interactive approach is a very important part of software development process, it allows to consider all the details of the project.

Key features and phases of the Scrum methodology:

I. Planning and design

II. Development Short cycles of development called sprints

III. Testing and release

Advantages of Scrum methodology:

Our company uses Scrum methodology while custom software development gives our developers the ability to optimally distribute tasks inside the team according to the professional skills of programmers. The development team is planning the order and the amount of work for each sprint, based on the priority of the tasks.

Using Scrum methodology as the basic model for managing Agile-projects, we can build flexible manufacturing processes. Our developers are rapidly responding to the changes faced by the client’s business and ensure timely delivery of software solutions within short iterations.