Agile Software Development Methodology

PNN Company selects an interactive development methodology Agile, one of the most efficient and flexible methodologies for software development.

Agile allows you to get exactly that is necessary for your business, without additional expenses and wasting time. 


Agile methodology allows:

  • Flexibly monitor frequently changing software requirements without departing from the scope of the project budget
  • Effectively to make changes and new ideas of the customer in developing an information system
  • Implement the system features and optimize it in short terms
  • Create a field for the continuous interaction of development team and users
  • Provide constant monitoring of the development and implementation by the customer

Thus, the main objective of the Agile methodology is satisfaction business requirements of the customer.


Advantages of Agile methodology


Traditional methodologies involve monitoring the intermediate results by the customer at stated time. So, until the product or its part is ready, the client has no idea what he will receive in the end. Therefore the result doesn’t exactly meet the expectations of the customer and doesn’t satisfy all of his current needs. As a result, there is great risk of having to allocate additional funds for completion the project or even freeze it.

Unlike the above mentioned methodologies, Agile is particularly effective when time of the project is limited. Given method requires a minimum of documentation at all stages of project development. Methodology is characterized by close interaction with customer and development team that enables quickly respond to customer needs and make changes in requirements at any time.


Our Agile-teams are located in one office they include the authorized representative of the customer, defining product requirements.

The team includes software developers, testers, GUI designers, technical writers and managers. Choose PNN as a partner in custom software development and you will get the full advantage of the information system for your business.