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Continuous Integration Practice in the Software Development Process

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In PNN Soft, we use the most efficient software development tools and methodologies. Our experts implement Continuous Integration (CI) practice, which includes frequent automated iterations of the project that allows the identification and solving the integration problems and continuous code entering to the repository for errors fast identify. Because of using CI, our specialists discover the problems in different components at early stages. This methodology helps always to guarantee and ensure the high quality of program products.

Benefits of PNN Soft solutions development and implementation with Continuous Integration practice:

Our development team uses various hardware while the software development within the methodology Continuous Integration

 The choice of tools depends on the specific tasks and customer. We apply TeamCity, GIT, Jenkins tools at the Continuous Integration projects. It gives us an ability to offer following services:

PNN Soft team has a huge experience of this modern practice and other methodologies implementation. We have earned the trust of customers around the world with thousands of our reliable and stable completed projects.