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IT Support and Administration Services

Managed IT support service allows companies to remotely monitor, evolve and troubleshoot corporate IT infrastructures.

It Support And Managed Services | PNN Soft

IT Service Management And Support

At PNN Soft, we take full advantage of our 20 years of experience in ITSM to provide your solutions with diligent IT support and management. After-release project support and its administration is an important issues of digital product competitiveness. Whether you own a commercial product or a digital solution to organize your company’s internal workflows, it’s significant to be up-to-date. PNN Soft specialists are welcome to assist in the support and administration of software, applications, and procedural products.

PNN Soft is a leading IT service and support management company

9 Microsoft Gold Competencies (Application Development, Data Platform, Collaboration and Content, Cloud Platform, etc.).

ITSM-related certificates (Certified Implementation Specialist, ITSM Professional, and so on).

An efficient combination of robust ITSM processes and proven IT infrastructure automation practices.

Open communication directly with PNN Soft business managers.

Reasonable prices for our IT support services

ISO 9001 and ISO 2700 certificates.


PNN Soft’s managed IT support service implies:


PNN Soft provides Administration Services for the Following Software Systems

Cases to apply PNN Soft

If your goal is to implement new services for accelerating your business growth

If you need to ensure the stability of your IT infrastructure, create conditions for further upscaling

If your current system works seamlessly and has positive dynamics, however, you need additional scalability in future

If different vendors run your infrastructure and hence, you encounter coverage gaps leading to high IT risks