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Software Testing and QA Services

At PNN Soft, we provide our clients with QA and testing services with various activities and scopes. Reliable quality assurance service entails different SDLC stages (from agreeing on requirements and expectations to maintenance itself). Testing, for its part, focuses on monitoring software’s security, functionality, and performance.

Software Testing & Quality Assurance | PNN Soft

QA and Testing with PNN Soft specialists

Our professionals consider QA a planned and systematic process to ensure a product's sustainability and complete correspondence to the intended purpose. We know how to define if your software products satisfy both business and customer requirements.

QA specialists of PNN Soft have extensive experience in testing numerous solutions, such as corporate portals, cross-platform software and web/mobile applications.


Testing as a service in PNN Soft

Testers and QA specialists of PNN Soft quality assurance testing company take responsibility for:

  • Mapping out test strategy, planning testing activities
  • Building up tests and writing scripts for them
  • Providing automated testing with tools and frameworks
  • Creating test reports

You may also take advantage of one-time testing performed by software testing company PNN Soft, which comprises functional, usability, security and compatibility, localisation and performance monitoring. The whole list of QA services you can find below:

Functional testing

Performance testing

Unity testing

Gui testing

Usability testing

Security testing

Load testing

Stress testing

Manual testing

Automation testing


If you feel a need for quality insurance or testing, contact us by filling out the form below. If you want further information about projects completed by PNN Soft, take a look at our Portfolio.