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DevOps Services and Solutions

Our DevOps engineers offer Continuous Deployment, Continuous Integration patterns, Architecture Planning & Deployment, and other solutions for high-loaded systems.

Devops Consulting | PNN Soft

DevOps as a Service

PNN Soft provides DevOps as a service to achieve higher efficiency and better quality of software across leading cloud platforms. We are a reliable development company and partner for many customers across and the globe over the twenty years. DevOps Engineers provide relevant services that are strongly required as a background for successful software product development, delivery, and support based on Agile methodology.

Expertise in PNN Soft Company's DevOps Engineers

Our DevOps experts are specialized and highly skilled in applying the most efficient tools, such as Chef, Jenkins and TeamCity. We provide cost-effective engineering solutions to any huge enterprise which wants to automate its performance. We use the DevOps toolchain for the automation of the following processes: code, build (Continuous integration), test, package, release, configure, and monitor.

Devops Service Provider Company | PNN Soft

Continuous integration (CI)

PNN Soft has a DevOps agency department that implements a set of solutions and tools to help any enterprise migrate to the digital world. PNN Soft DevOps Engineers offer such services:

  • Create a project for a developed software
  • Integrate it with source Code storage and necessary compiler(s)
  • Define scripts and sequences for software building
  • Trigger event(s) to run the automatic build: daily or per new commit into the target branch
  • Unit test run (optionally) after a successful build
  • Logging and alerting of build/verification results

Solutions Deployment and Verification

PNN Soft is ready to manage your business optimisation with an arsenal of well-proven practices. Get dev IT solutions for deployment and software verification. This field is also known as Continuous Deployment. We always put flexibility and complete automation at the heart of the DevOps process. With this approach, each change that passes all stages of the production pipeline is produced for customers. This is a great way to speed up the customer feedback cycle and developers can focus on software development.

DevOps engineer prepares scripts per each environment, which allow:

  • Using source code storage (SVN or GIT) to fully or partially rebuild a solution;
  • Preparing configuration files depending on the environment to stop remotely all affected services on hosted instances;
  • Running Unit or/and Integration tests in the updated environment;
  • Preparing a summary report with details about failed tests.

Continuous Monitoring of High Load and High Availability distributed systems

Our DevOps consulting company focuses to ensure enterprise with cost-efficient systems management and data security. For more efficient system usage by the client. For the maximum successful elaboration of your company, we discuss every step of development with the customer. DevOps engineers from PNN Soft Company are creating solutions based on Kibana and Elasticsearch tools according to the Continuous Integration pattern, which allows:

  • Monitoring stability of the system components in 24/7 mode
  • Discovering errors and potential problems fast and, as a result, reducing possible impacts on reputation
  • Collecting business analytics using the system based on business specifics (number and volume of business transactions per market, etc.) and verifying the business efficiency and KPIs
  • Client to take financial decisions concerning increasing/decreasing server/service resources and optimizing operational expenses for business needs
Devops Solutions Provider | PNN Soft

Solution Architecture Planning and Deployment

PNN Soft transforms IT Operations with DevOps for companies. We leverage connected and automated development, testing, and deployment of applications at any stage of the app’s life cycle. We apply the Infrastructure as a Code approach with app module containerization. Our specialists pay attention to the implementation of automated testing and application monitoring.

The company’s DevOps specialists have solid experience in writing plans and deploying/creating solutions infrastructure using Terraform tool on the following list of Cloud Platforms:

  • Amazon Web Services (with Auto Scaling)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud

DevOps Consulting Services from PNN Soft

DevOps consultancy at PNN Soft is a service to help businesses determine needs and adjust the DevOps project for them. High-quality specialists conduct the market assessment and technical support of the company to indicate the terms of implementation and the set of methods and technologies that will be used during the development process. PNN Soft has an adaptive approach to discussing plan DevOps application development processes. We launch a quality check of our consulting services, we put into action all the previously selected technologies, and we follow the chosen strategy.