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Software system to control, test and manage firmware for physicochemical laboratory with embedded devices

Software system and embedded system

PNN Soft is a reliable developer with over 20 years of experience. We provide software development for the energy, healthcare and telecommunications industries, so our developers are competent in creating complex software solutions for embedded systems. We created the solution for the management and testing of laboratory equipment.

Project Description

The PNN Soft company created a software system to manage, control and test the firmware of laboratory devices. We developed a desktop app for process management and PWA for testing the operation of the device.

client service to control embedded devices

Firmware management system

We are developing an advanced functional system for firmware of embedded devices. The home page of the created digital product shows visual elements representing the user equipment according to the device configuration. Each tool has a set of parameters, which the user can familiarize themselves with in detail. The characteristics of the device are displayed in the form of a table, the contents of which can be adjusted. The program also displays graphs of the actual values ​​of device properties and has a list of diagnostic procedures and logs. Furthermore, the functionality of the developed program allows users to:

The following technologies were used:

Software for process management

This software is a desktop solution for Windows, aimed at performing tasks of administration, monitoring, and configuration of a list of devices in a LAN laboratory. Key software functions cover the tasks of viewing active devices on the LAN and configuring them. Create internal projects with a specific set of methods and sequences to work according to the corresponding schedules. Administering access for other users to work with devices.

The following technologies were used:

PWA application development for testing system

PNN Soft has developed a progressive web application that allows for extensive configuration and diagnostics with a list of tools in the LAN laboratory. A PWA solution allows users to put devices into a maintenance state and become familiar with hardware components. Users can calibrate and fine-tune devices, and conduct tests on the performance of the device and the corresponding boards.   

The following technologies were used: