Task Management System administration portal for business


PNN Soft has a captivating experience in IT solutions for business. The company offers software solutions and applications for healthcare, education, banking, power supply, etc. PNN Softy has been creating software solutions for business automation and management for 20 years. In addition, The company's developers created Task Management Systems and implemented efficient solutions for it. The System includes Task Administration Portal and Task Application for iOS and Android.

Project Description

Task Administration Portal is integrated with the Complex Back-end App for Market Platform. The portal provides efficient and streamlined messaging between two computer systems.

Tools enable you to manage the user access system. In addition, PNN Soft offers the platform as a solution for selecting the audience based on filters for specific tasks. Integration with Market Platform for access management and permission assignment.

1. Website administration back-end for:

  • the creation of task templates based on the market requirements
  • market audience definition based on the filter selection logic and integration with the application
  • task creation and assignment to a specific list of audiences
  • processing of the task and pushing information to the Client Application
  • processing of the task execution result and calculation of the bonuses for the task execution
  • integration with SNS for push notifications

2. Mobile Application for task execution includes:

  • photo upload and processing
  • push notifications interaction and reminders badge notifications
  • badge notifications


PNN Soft employees are highly qualified. Developers, testers, designers, and marketers work hard on every project. The developers of the company used modern, efficient technologies and methodologies. To implement solutions for administrative tasks, PNN Soft uses AWS, NET 4.5, Angular JS, Objective C, Java, and MS SQL Server. Refer to the Technologies and Portfolio section for more information about our experience with different technologies and projects that the company has implemented, please.

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