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Web Summit 2023 PNN Soft experience

web summit 2023

The web summit is held annually in different countries and parts of the world, so in 2023 the largest IT summit was held in Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro and Toronto. PNN Soft team at the end of November 2023 visited the Web Summit event in Lisbon.

web summit in Lisbon

Web Summit 2023 – the technological event of the year that brought together a staggering 70,236 people from 153 countries. At Web Summit, we were immersed in the latest trends, innovations, and breakthrough technologies shaping the future. The energy was palpable, and we’re more inspired than ever to bring cutting-edge solutions to our clients and community.

IT Ukraine web summit

With the support of Wladimir Klitschko, Ukraine was prominently featured at the Web Summit and represented the city’s digital project, Kyiv Digital. It was proof that the world-known influencers and state are interested in the country’s technical development, and confirmation of the potential of Ukrainian developers in the development of innovation and digitalization. We were pleased to meet and communicate with representatives of the project.

Conference web summit

PNN Soft visited this event for the first time. Our employees spent time and gained incredible experience and knowledge. Our team was pleased to be part of such a large-scale event.