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Image Database Software

Images database software is a modern solution that helps organisations automate and manage extensive image tasks. PNN Softcentralised centralised cloud or local repository for uploading, categorising, extracting and sharing digital image assets.

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Extensive features of DAM

Digital asset management (DAM) gives users plenty of functions that depend on their targets. In addition, companies operating in all industries today often manage thousands of photos, scans, multi-level design files, design elements (logos, icons, etc.), medical images and much more. State-of-the-art image database software will help to organise image assets for exchanges and searches by employees.

PNN Soft software development company offers high-quality graphics database software services. A dedicated team of specialists analyses the customer’s requirements and needs. We combine the features inherent to advanced image database solutions to best meet your business needs.

  • Organising and managing images of different file formats. For instance, PNG, JPEG, GIF, DICOM, PSD, AI, RAW, DNG, INDD, AI, TIFF, EPSE, SVG, WebP.
  • Automatic removal of duplicate photos.
  • The ability to set and manage meta tags. Meta tags are one of the most powerful tools you organise for synchronisation of content by specific elements.
  • Image editing before downloading (brightness, crop, change size, etc.).
  • Advanced search functions, querying by specific elements (keywords, file type, size, etc.).
  • Organise collections and groups.
  • Copyright management (watermarks, digital signatures, etc.).
  • Security of data.

Who can use image database software?

  • Private users
  • Small companies or individual entrepreneurs
  • Mid-sized and large companies and their relevant departments (e.g. marketing, communication, sales, and product management)

PNN Soft suggests considering the database for image storage if your company intends to actively develop, increasing creativity and improving administrative control over images. Storing images in a central database provides secure access to all digital photos. Companies with large or growing image collections benefit from the image database in their management system.

Reliable database for images by PNN Soft

PNN Soft provides customers with digital photo database software. We implement efficient technologies and tools to make the solution advanced and powerful. For instance, e-commerce and payment tools solve the tasks of selling image assets. Our specialists are ready to build the database with image analysis software and machine learning tools. Business process management functions provide agile access to the system and its content. PNN Soft developers contribute to the reliable execution of tasks when they relate to image database development.