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InCarDoc – has reached 7 million downloads and gets more publications!

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For the past 7 years, the inCarDoc team has been working on the app, making it better and adapting it to new devices in order to remain relevant and in demand. 

Not so long ago, we wrote that our app has reached a total of 5.5 million downloads on iOS and Android. For today this number is 7 Million for both iOS and Android, and including the paid version of the app. However, today, we can boast more than 5 million downloads on Google Play alone. 

And in addition to that, inCarDoc Pro ranks 2nd place among paid apps in the Auto & Vehicles category. 

PNN Soft is not going to stop, and in the future has plans only to develop inCarDoc and related products. In addition, information about the app is now available on App of the Day. Keep up to date with the latest information and follow the app’s news here and on the inCarDoc website.

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