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PNN Soft offers services on electronic document archive creation, management and organization

Electronic archive is a system of structured electronic document storage. The main task of the electronic archive at the enterprise is quick access to all parts of the required documents.

Electronic document archiving system should provide:

  • Input and creation of electronic documents (scanner, email, direct input and saving)
  • Document viewing
  • Documents printing
  • Quick documents search on various parameters, such as hierarchical documentation directory and document attributes (document indexing)
  • Access rights to electronic documents
  • Absence of delete document option
  • Reliability of storage, e-documents backup
  • Tracking document changes history (document version view)
  • Integration with existing systems

Electronic archive system is a complex solution of above mentioned problems. Organization and creation of correct electronic archive system is rather complicated task. The system consists of the optional, but desirable constituent elements. The heart of the system is a software, the skeleton is a hardware and the technology is a brain.

Electronic Archive Major Subsystems

  • Scanned documents input subsystem, including transformational tools to transfer documents into electronic type, image processing tools, electronic archive data input tools.
  • Document input subsystem to create electronic documents
  • Real time and long-term storage subsystem
  • Applications subsystem to manage hardware
  • Scanned images processing subsystem

What are the main advantages of electronic archive for the enterprise?

  • Promptness of complex thematic queries
  • Advanced document content search
  • Documents storage and original documents’ content retrieving
  • Fast documents access from geographically remote locations and office departments, as well as for the employees on a business trip
  • Reducing the storage cost, space saving, reducing labor costs on documents inquiries and delivery
  • Electronic documents’ amount increase which is initially created in electronic form or received via the online channels
  • Collective document processing opportunity (that is impossible for a paper record keeping)

Our specialists consider electronic documents archive is an effective solution to organize and ensure prompt retrieval. In many companies the number of documents is tens or hundreds of thousands, when the large modern enterprises have millions of them. Archives of electronic documents are the best solution of the problem.


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