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E-learning training system

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Online service ProTOS – E-learning training system

Online service ProTOS is a system for the creation of training programs, tests, and questionnaires with interactive game elements for the best learning effect. The software is applicable at the companies for training, questioning the personnel, staff training, and organizing various corporate courses, tests, etc. Using the system one can automate the process of training, coaching, office administration, corporate training, testing and questioning of employees, as well as analysis of the results.

Employees testing and questioning with online service ProTOS 

Training of employees is one of the cornerstones of the success of any modern company. The usage of modern software to create learning and testing programs for the employees is a way to keep up with the times for the entire company at the lowest cost.

ProTOS will help you to achieve:

Increase the level of customer service and sales.

In collaboration with your HR department, we will create an interactive system, using game elements and original examples for a better learning effect. An interactive learning system is particularly useful for employees who have direct contact with customers and must be familiar with the company’s services and products:

Reduce employee training and development costs

You can use your content in a convenient format for you and get ready e-learning materials with the possibility to get reports on the results.

Conduct timely training and testing personnel

Everything you need for training is a computer with internet access

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ProTOS software can be deployed in three variations according to your company’s business needs:

ProTOS-Testing – the system for testing and questioning employees

Create interactive quizzes and surveys to improve employees’ performance. Knowledge tests will help to evaluate and develop the employees.

ProTOS will help to make quizzes and surveys memorable.

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ProTOS-Education – the system of employees education and assessment

ProTOS can turn your PowerPoint presentation into a fascinating course, ready for viewing on the Internet.

ProTOS will help to make quizzes and surveys memorable.

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ProTOS-Elearning – electronic system for creating e-learning courses

Educational online games

One of the most popular directions in E-Learning today is gamification.

ProTOS will make it possible to create E-learning materials from PowerPoint. One can also add to the educational games following:

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ProTOS Features and User Interface

Types of questions and answers:

Multimedia features:

If you are interested in e-learning or testing systems, please contact us to get more information using the form below.