Kids’ Creative Puzzle

Kids’ Creative Puzzle - Brain game for children, preschoolers, as well as adults

A brain game for children, preschoolers, as well as for adults. Create your own picture using the default elements and store a new picture in the album! The game develops the motor skills and creativity of a child! The App is designed for tablets on Android 3.0+ and iOS (iPad).

5 categories of pictures are represented in the App:

  • House
  • Aquarium
  • Zoo
  • Space
  • Insects

5 wonderful colorful themes for creativity and creating hundreds of unique images for your kids and you!

Exclusive graphics and wide discretion:

  • All the elements of the game (elements of pictures) are bright, colorful, and designed in detail. Great graphics and flexibility – this is something that will help your child learn new things and develop imagination!
  • While playing, the child acquires and improves drawing skills, motor, and visual skills, ability to think abstractly, and to find creative solutions.
  • This exciting and vibrant game will be useful for both children of various ages and adults. Even adults will delight in playing this app.

Game idea:

  • The creative game consists of a worksheet, where the unique creation is being made, and a field of default objects – items that can be used to create the image. In the lower part of the workspace, there is a menu consisting of the eraser, a tip, and a saving option. 
  • The child must drag items images to create his own unique picture.
  • No limitation to the number of elements usage and their size – a child can use objects several times, dragging them into the worksheet and change the size of items, delete them, etc. 
  • For the smallest children, there is a hint in the game – a bubble button displaying how the picture should look like. 
  • When a unique picture is ready, it can be stored in the album or send to parents. 

Approved by parents, teachers, and children around the world!





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