PNN Discovery Client - Internal Patterns Search Engine

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining with GMDH-type Polynomial Neural Network Algorithm

Proposed algorithms and software will help you to analyze massives of data, find hidden internal relations and build structural and forecasting data models presented in a symbolic form - as simple polynomial equation.

The resulting model can be used to analyze the patterns and for short-term and long-time decisions forecasting.

PNN algorithm usage for different task domains:

  • chemistry (QSAR),
  • economical systems analyses,
  • stocks and financial market instruments,
  • insurance risks study,
  • medical diagnostics, etc. (for mor information visit FAQ)

PNN Discovery Client is a software package specially developed for PNN algorithm. It consists of separate components that are responsible for different kinds of functionality helpful for data and results representation:

  • Data preparing and manipulation
  • PNN algorithm processing
  • Results presentation
  • Graphical presentation
  • Additional tools for import-export of data and results in plain text files, MS Excel files and XML/HTML files

The software is designed to search the structural relations in form of polynomial regression equations as well linear and non-linear type of arbitrary degree. Get your data structure presentation as simple as a+b*x1+c*x3+a*x43

PNN is one of the best of GMDH-type neural network algorithms family and it automatically provides us with linear and non-linear polynomial regression models.  This is self-organizing program is based on a neural network, which is able to analyze the input data, and arrange patterns and forecasts based on it. The program includes tools for building highly accurate predictions based on models found. 

PNN Discovery Client

PNN Discovery Client Functionality


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Commercial Version


construction of polynomial regression equation

  • maximum degree
  • number of variables





data export ASCII format+
data import-+
formats support-+
saving results in various file formats .xls, .pdf, .html-+

We also offer customization of our software solutions PNN Discovery Client for specific tasks, this service includes:

  • Customization of the products functionality
  • Customization of the product design
  • Installation of the application and integration with enterprise systems
  • User training
  • Technical support

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