Street Racing Speedometer FAQ

Street Racing Speedometer FAQ

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How to install and configure the App?  

  • Set personal data and preferences with appropriate Menu item (optional)

  • Place phone to the fixed position in the car

  • Start application (or click “Reset” if already started)

  • Wait for GPS connection and 0 point at speedometer

  • Don’t move phone or switch off screen untill finish

  • Enjoy driving

  • For consequent car acceleration measurement one will need to stop and “fix” zero speed point on the screen for 2-3 seconds (it could be some GPS related delay – please, stay calm

  • Review your results and click to share at your Facebook and Twitter accounts

What for is accelerometer used?  

  • Smartphone accelerometer is used to get precise car acceleration data from zero to 60 times and further, so in order to get correct reliable values we recommend to place phone in car handler or other fixed case to avoid phone sliding or rotating.

Are there any usage recommendations to get more accurate acceleration results?  

  • It is preferred to take measurements while driving on the straight flat road (following traffic rules, of course). Ups, downs and turns at the acceleration line could strongly affect the results’ precision. We’ve got big plans for advancing Street Racing Speedometer Android App, so your comments and propositions are welcomed.

What is the work principle of the application?  

  • For those who are interested in the calculation algorithm: Measuring acceleration speed and time (up to 30 sec after the movement start) is works on the basis of the accelerometer data. Data validation is performed on the basis of GPS indications, i.e. if the accelerometer shows the acceleration but there are no changes in the indicated values of the GPS during some period of time, so the values are omitted. This is done in order to cut off the case when the speed is gained with a slight change in position of the phone, that is pretty typical for "pure" accelerometers.

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