Android application for remote control of the child`s phone by the parents


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Parental Control Android app is developed by PNN Soft programmers for the American customer

The application is designed for regular monitoring of the child’s mobile phone by the parents to ensure its safety.

The application runs in the background mode. It work principle is following: it accumulates the history of incoming and outgoing SMS, MMS, calls, viewed web pages, images, etc., as well as the location and speed of the mobile device real time and stores it on the web server.

Thus, parents can go to the Web site where the application stores all collected information and view it any time, to be sure if there is any danger to the child. Today, mobile phones are ordinary fellows of the modern person, and you’ll be surprised by the percentage of smartphone users among students and children.

Parental Control mobile application by PNN Soft will make moms and dads sure about their naughty children.

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