Android/iOS Application for Marketing Actions and Design Creation by the Focus Group

Project Description

Our company’s specialists have developed Android application that allows focus groups to create a unique product design for the Ukrainian company. The main purpose of the application is to promote and attract potential customers’ attention to products and services, increase the level of trust to the brand, and as a result, stimulate sales. 

In the scope of the project we have implemented following: a number of layouts, color schemes, objects, logos, etc., to create a unique design.

The server part of the application allows the system administrator to monitor the design of each member with the ability to output it at the large screen. Each design is saved to the app database (with corresponding numbers) to monitor consumer preferences and make up market predictions for the future product line.

The App is also available for iOS.

Professional developers only are able to develop a real app in co work with the designers, marketing specialists and art directors. Owing to precisely maintained development process and testing along with the ability keep to the dead line and high sense of responsibility for any project, PNN Company will become a reliable partner to your business.


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