Application for real-time communication

PNN Soft specialists implemented Online Chat – application for real-time interaction between website visitors.

Through this app, in addition to the authorization on the website, users can create separate chat rooms. 

Our programmers consider the most optimal is to use the combination of multiple technologies: WebSockets + Node.js + Socket.OI. These technologies are ideal solution for implementing software solutions providing immediate data exchange between the large number of users. In particular, it helped us to achieve:

  • Development of the integrated and cross-domain web applications running in real time
  • High speed and efficient data transmission
  • Compliance to the various web standards
  • Uninterrupted operation of the data channel.

Our experts consider all the characteristics and requirements of such systems, in particular:

  • Intensive and instant communication
  • High speed of the data exchange
  • Real time operation
  • Maintenance and support of a large number of users

Online Chat gives an opportunity of the connection with zero latency between a web clients and servers. As a result the data and notifications may be sent between browsers and web servers without delay, and no more need for additional requests.