ATM, POS and Workspace Network Management and Monitoring System Development and Integration with Card Processing Center of the Bank

Project Description

VS Messenger is a runtime client-server system to provide secure communication between ATM-s, POS-s, work places of a credit card service and work nodes of the Bank Processing Center. Administrative application allows configuring and monitoring status of all connected nodes. WatchDog service monitors and controls all communication services of this system.

Technical features:

  • Target server platform: Windows NT/2000 Server, Linux

  • Server Framework: Java

  • GUI Framework (client and administrative tools): MFC (C++)

  • Hardware software (POS terminals, ATM-s): ANSI C++

  • Data sources: Oracle SQL server

  • Data accesses: JDBC

  • Communication: TCP/IP channels

  • Security: SSL, X.509 certificates

Business-logic features: 

  • Cross-platform server services developed using Java.

  • This system is hierarchical heterogeneous network which connecting work paces (Windows, Linux) and hardware devices (POS-s, ATM-s).

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) was used as cryptographic protocol that provides security and data integrity for communications over this network.

  • This system was integrated with company Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) which uses signed X.509 certificates.

Managements and resources: 

  • Time line : 2000 - 2002 

  • Resources: project managers, software developers and testers 

  • Development methodology: adopted RUP


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