Desktop Application to Create Search/representation Database by Various Storage Data Combination


Project Description

Documents Search Builder - this tool allows arranging and customizing  the catalogues of documents and files for viewing and searching them by keywords. The web-based viewer with effective and powerful search engine as target point is provided. It runs on any Windows systems without any installation required. The viewer together with selected documents and files could be easily distributed to the compact discs or any other devices.


It supports the following types of documents:

  • Microsoft Word (*.doc) 

  • Adobe document (*.pdf)

  • Microsoft Power Point (*.ppt)

  • RTF (Rich Text Format) document (*.rtf)

  • HTML pages (*.htm, *html)

  • Text files (*.txt)

The main features are:

  • Indexing different types of documents and arrange them for viewing

  • The web-based viewer with fast and powerful search system is provided

  • The viewer and itself documents can be distributed to compact discs, at that no software installation required

  • There is possibility to customize description and comments for documents used in search engine

  • Using customizable and skinnable DHTML GUI in web-based viewer

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