Mobile Application to Access the Enterprise Portal, Manage Tasks and Documents using Android Devices


Project Description

Lightweight mobile application that enables some scope of tasks and documents management over the corporate portal. Application supports authentication at the remote portal, synchronization of user’s tasks, workflows states and documentation between local application and portal. Program can work both in on-line and off-line mode.


  • Remote authentication with enterprise server

  • Synchronization of required scope of application data (on line)

  • Revision of assigned tasks and documents (on/off line)

  • Reassignments, changing tasks and documents status

Technical features:

  • Target platform: iOS 3.x, 4.x, Android 2.x

  • Programming languages: Objective C, Java

  • Data sources: JSON web services, embedded SQLite

Managements and resources:

  • Time line (versions 1.0): January 2011 – March 2011

  • Resources: project manager, team of developers and testers 

  • Development methodology: adopted RUP


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