Software Platform to Generate GUI (Graphic User Interface) in Java Based on Configurable Prototypes


Project Description

Gatonero is a framework for User Interface (UI) design. Quick, powerful and flexible, it's a tool of choice for UI prototyping in the early stages of an bespoke software development cycle. It can also be used for the design of production user interfaces. Gatonero Java is a part of Gatonero framework for fast and easy generation of Java GUI. Gatonero Java includes several rendering engines:

  • Gatonero Swing: for Java Swing-based applications and applets

  • Gatonero CE: for applications designed to run on PDAs

  • Gatonero Mobile: for applications designed to run on mobile phones

  • Gatonero HTML: for applications designed to run in web pages as servlets

Project concepts:

  • The Gatonero framework relies on 2 core concepts: descriptors and rendering engines. Descriptors describe a user interface; at runtime, the rendering engine interprets these UI definitions and creates/updates the appropriate graphical UI components.

  • The Gatonero framework implements a facade pattern: the rendering engine does not depend on (and knows nothing about) specific details of descriptors implementation and vice versa. 

  • Rendering process is based on delegation pattern. The rendering engine delegates the rendering to renderer delegates. Renderer delegates are typically associated with a component descriptor classes.

  • Gatonero XML is used for declarative definition of application's user interfaces.

Gatonero Java technology:

The Gatonero Java API is the core of the Gatonero Java technology. It defines a set of abstract, platform-independent UI concepts that are used to make up the definition of a user interface. GUIs created with the Gatonero Java framework can be deployed as:

  • Standalone Java Swing applications (including via Java Webstart). 

  • Java applets on web pages. 

  • Java standalone applications on PDAs running Windows CE

Managements and resources:

  • Time line: May 2004 - May 2005 

  • Resources: project manager, team of developers and testers

  • Development methodology: Agile Scrum


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