System of Credit Business Processes Automating at the Leading Bank using IBM BPM and Oracle Products

Project Description

The system allows multiple data processing and analysis of loan applications to obtain complete information about the client for further credit disbursement. The system provides a high level security based on digital certificates. Software solution provides the functionality for integration of internal and external financial services and manual processing tasks. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is used as connective infrastructure for integrating applications and services, and enables the development of service -oriented architecture (SOA).

PNN is a business partner of IBM Company.

Our experts implement custom software solutions based on IBM BPM (Business Process Manager) to manage business processes that help to improve efficiency by identifying, documenting, automating and continuously improve business processes, with the ultimate aim to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

IBM Business Process Manager includes key product features:

  • WebSphere Process Server (including WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus)

  • WebSphere Lombardi Edition

  • IBM Integration Designer (previously - WebSphere Integration Developer).

This platform can be easily scaled from the size of the initial project to enterprise-scale programs.

IBM Business Process Manager reduces the complexity of enterprise-scale environment, allows us to distribute the storage and meet customer needs. Various configurations of the platforms support different levels of complexity of the task and business process management.

PNN offers solutions for service integration platform based IBM BPM 7.5. using the J2EE technology.

Our company has extensive experience in developing custom solutions and integration of partner solutions for different businesses. 



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