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inCarDoc app has got 1 000 000 downloads on Google Play and App Store

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The app allows diagnosing your car without looking under the hood

According to the total statistics from the app store Google Play and Apple Store inCarDoc has reached one million downloads to the user’s devices.

Let’s remind you that the mobile app inCarDoc, which is available for Android and iPhone, connects to vehicles, which support the OBD-II specification using ELM 327 Bluetooth/Wi-Fi adapter, and you can view the different parameters of the car.

Later, we expanded the functionality of the application by adding the ability to record the parameters of cars in real-time, read, display and record several parameters simultaneously in the background mode; GPS support, as well as the calculation of the fuel consumption for a particular trip. All this is available in the PRO version.

Besides, our company has developed a web-based resource to provide user support – incardoc.com, as well as a community forum for motorists.