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Our Projects
CRM Web Application for Customer Support and Contact Management Scenarios

Web application represents horizontally scalable, high-available system for customer relations management and support.

Web-Based Chats Analyzing System for Market Research

Web-based market research software program providing real-time aggregation, measurement and analysis of User Generated Content

Automated Web System for Loyalty Program Management

Automated software system provides desktop and web interface application for managing loyalty program.

Web-Server Application - Mobile Advice of Charge

High-load, scalable and secure client-server system integrated to the major mobile telephony provider.

Online Places of Interests Catalogue

Web catalogue provides aggregation of restaurants, hotels, posters and billboards tagged by customer rating and feedbacks.

Dynamic Self-Service Application with Hierarchical Text Menu Engine

Horizontally scalable, high-available application provides hierarchical text menu engine with visual configuration facilities and profile-dependent content.

CRM for Customers’ Requests Management at the Mobile Operator Company

Customer Relationship Management Web application for assigning and managing requests made by customers.

Web Application providing Incoming Calls Processing at the Call Center

Web application provides complex engine for processing customers' and subscribers' incoming calls at the call center.

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