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How to become a QA tester?

QA app testing

Software tester or QA engineer is one of the most sought-after professions in the field of information technology. Testers play a major role in ensuring high-quality software, identifying bugs and improving product performance.

QA is one of the most demanded professions

The job may vary depending on the type of product (web application, mobile application, desktop software). However, in general, the challenge for the test specialist is to ensure that the software product is stable, reliable, and efficient, as well as responsive to customer requirements. Today, many people are wondering how to become a QA tester.

What is the profession of a software tester?

The tester’s job is to provide software quality assessment through testing. The process takes place in manual mode, which includes checking the convenience of service, the performance of elements and functions. The carefully checked software will reveal possible faults before its release to the market or internal use by the company.

The position of QA engineer is usually to create a strategy of automation of product testing, error reporting, quality control of the product being developed.

What does the tester need to know? It is useful for the beginner tester to know the following basics:

It should be noted that the salary of testers can vary depending on many factors. Including location, level of experience, type of company and industry. Large companies or enterprises tend to offer higher salaries than start-ups.

Software tester, as one of the leading professions these days

Finding a testing job can be quite competitive when starting out. Create a professional resume highlighting your testing experience, skills, tools, and methodologies you are familiar with. Having a technical education is an advantage, as well as constant professional development and gaining new knowledge through courses, webinars, and textbooks. Furthermore, prepare in advance for an interview with the company you prefer to go to. An interview for a testing position may involve different steps and types of questions to assess your skills. Think through the answers to the most frequently asked questions, this way you will feel more confident. Strengthen your knowledge to become a highly skilled professional and advance your software testing career.