Kids' Creative Puzzle – New Android App from PNN


This month our developers have successfully implemented new Android Application - brain game for children and adults - Kids' Creative Puzzle

The app is designed for tablets on Android 3.0 + and is available for free at Android market

Besides, the application is available for iPad users. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.  

Game features:

  • Game consists of a worksheet, where the creation is being made and field of default objects - items that can be used to create the image.
  • In the lower part of the workspace there is a menu consisting of the eraser, a tip and a saving option.
  • By dragging the items images one creates his own unique picture.
  • No limitation to the number of elements usage and their size - one can use objects several times, dragging them into the worksheet and changing the size of items, deleting them, etc.
  • When the picture is ready, it can be stored to the album or send to parents. • The game develops and enhances drawing skills, motor and visual skills, ability to think abstractly and to find creative solutions.

The game has 5 categories of pictures

  • House
  • Aquarium
  • Zoo
  • Space
  • Insects
  • Target platform - Android 3.0 / iOS 6.0 or later.
  • Programming language – Java / Objective C
  • The logic and the technology used to create the application  
  • Elements of pictures and applications design are stored in assets - external project directory.
  • The same directory stores XML file, which defines the logic of the application graphic elements use.
  • Parsing XML file the application dynamically creates groups of puzzles (pictures category).
  • On the basis of groups of puzzles the pictures’ categories are being added dynamically on the home page of the application. However, their number is not limited.
  • Rollover tracking with following scalability and rotatable elements of the picture mechanism is created using the external library.
  • Drag-puzzle-elements mechanism from the field of default objects to the worksheet is implemented using standard library Drag&Drop, which was added in Android 3.0, and a standard iOS library.

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