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Mobile users often face the problems connected with absence of Flash extension support on devices running at iOS (iPhone, iPad).

Heavy plug-ins, such as Adobe Flash can run not at all modern devices (e.g. mobile phones), besides some operating systems (e.g. based on Linux) work incorrectly with it. HTML 5 is able to solve these problems by providing a new cross-platform standard.

Modern web applications development technologies, such as html5, css3, as well as JavaScript language features enable "shifting" of flash-applications features into a web-based application for the browser. Today, html5 format is supported by many browsers such as Apple Safari (version 5.0 +), Mozilla Firefox (version 3.6 +), Opera (version 10.0 +), Google Chrome (version 5.0 +) and other mobile devices.

Thus, when converting flash into html5 you will not only avoid the disadvantages of flash-applications, you also get some very important advantages, such as:

  • Scalability - unlike flash-apps, HTML5 web applications have an opportunity to be developed to create new tools in the case of new business functions or according to the market needs, whether it is a website or a web service.
  • Flexibility - in the process of applications conversion from flash to html5 the existing application can be updated.

PNN Soft company offers services of flash-applications conversion to HTML5. The developers of the company demonstrated their professionalism by implementing the conversion of promo Flash animation, which was developed based on Adobe Flash for the French company, into web site based on HTML5 technology.

While the project implementation css3 technology, JavaScript and HTML5 were used. New application possesses following features: animation, smooth transitions, visual feedback for touch and other effects.

Conversion consists of the following stages: 

  • After analyzing of the current application features we identify a number of functions for a new version
  • While analyzing we have identify a number of changes and enhancements to improve application
  • The analysis formed the project specifications
  • Once the specifications ready, the missing layouts of the applications (including new features) were designed
  • Layout and design of the software component for the application
  • Stage of testing and debugging, when all the mistakes made in the process of developing has been corrected
  • The final stage - the launch of the project 

While development we do not use free software to convert flash to html, as a result of these programs often do not meet the requirements to the quality of the final product. The process usually range one to several weeks, depending on the complexity of the application.

If you are interested in converting flash-application to html5 - just contact us and we will provide you with more information and examples of our work.

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