PNN Specialists Implement Projects Converting Flash to HTML 5

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Mobile users often face problems related to the absence of Flash extension support on iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices. Heavy plug-ins, such as Adobe Flash, cannot run on all modern devices (e.g. mobile phones), and some operating systems (e.g. based on Linux) work incorrectly with it. HTML 5 can solve these problems by providing a new cross-platform standard (video, audio, animations, canvas, etc.). So the question of how to convert flash to html and the benefits of such conversion arises. 

The benefits of Flash to HTML5 conversion

Modern web application development technologies, such as HTML 5 and CSS3, as well as JavaScript language features, enable the “shifting” of application features into a web-based application for the browser. Today, HTML 5 format is supported by many browsers such as Apple Safari (version 5.0+), Mozilla Firefox (version 3.6+), Opera (version 10.0+), Google Chrome (version 5.0+) and other mobile devices.

Thus, when converting Flash into HTML 5, you will not only avoid the disadvantages of flash-applications, but you also get some significant advantages, such as:

Additional beneficial features of HTML5 are the following:

The additional security layer Content Security Policy (CSP) is helpful for mitigating the risk of particular cyberattacks, namely data injection attacks and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). Content Security Policy allows server administrators to prevent possible vectors of occurring XSS. For doing so, CSP specifies those domains that browsers consider for executable scrips as valid sources. 

Our recommendations to convert Flash to HTML5

It is critical to remember that the technological shift can be pretty time-consuming if you have masses of data to convert. Therefore, you need to prepare for the process by creating a transformation plan with all the files included. Check out if you have FLAS, XML files, supporting content and all the media – gathering source data is a must. 

First, you need to copy your text with the labels of navigation buttons in a graphical user interface – GUI in Microsoft Word or PPT after extracting data and media from your existing platform. After that, you can convert data. Our team is ready to assist you during both the pre-phase of conversion and digital transformation. 

Also, it is crucial to select good authorising tools such as Google Swiftly, Lectora Inspire, Sothink, Adobe Captivate, etc. PNN Soft team also has extensive experience using Articulate Storyline and Apache FlexJS for Flash to HTML5 conversion. 

Be aware of potential security issues that may arise during conversion. The process requires testing and debugging. PNN Soft agency offers testing services for various browsers, devices and platforms. QA and testing are key to optimising your solution and levelling up its productivity. 

We convert Flash to html5 to provide your digital ecosystem with a fresh look and feel

PNN Soft company offers services of flash-applications conversion to HTML 5. The developers of the company demonstrated their professionalism by implementing the transformation of a promo Flash animation, which was developed based on Adobe Flash for the French company, into a website based on HTML 5 technology.

CSS3’s technology, JavaScript and HTML 5 were used during the project implementation. The new application possesses the following features: animation, smooth transitions, visual feedback for touch and other effects.

Conversion consists of the following stages: 

The process usually ranges from one to several weeks, depending on the complexity of the application.

If you want to convert a Flash application to HTML 5 or need additional information on how to replace flash with html5 – contact us. We will provide you with more details and examples of our work.