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Role of QA and types of issues to solve

QA in software development

Software quality is becoming a critical factor for the success of any product. The role of Quality Engineer in this context is becoming more important and influential than ever. In this article, we will look not only at the main aspects of QA’s role but also at the different types of problems they solve in contributing to the creation of high quality products.

The role of QA in the software cycle

Quality Assurance is not just software testing. It is a comprehensive approach to ensuring a high level of product quality from its inception to the end user. QA involves not only testing but also quality control at every stage of the software lifecycle.

Analysing and solving software problems

QA in the development

Functional problems

Functional difficulties are errors due to incorrect implementation of requirements. QA analyses each product feature to ensure they work effectively according to previously agreed requirements.

Performance and scalability

The QA specialist ensures optimal product performance under various workloads. This is important to prevent failures during periods of high user activity.

Security and reliability

With the deepening of the digital age, security becomes extremely significant. QA actively examines the product for vulnerabilities and also tests the performance of the product.


QA pays attention to how the product interacts with different operating systems. This ensures that the product can be used successfully on different platforms.

User Satisfaction

The key goal of any product is to fulfil the needs of the user. QA conducts user experience testing, ensuring that the UI and UX meet the criteria for an intuitive and user-friendly software product. 

QA as an integral part of software development

Active participation of QA in the development process ensures not only the detection of errors, but also their prevention at the planning and design stage. Testing functionality and ensuring that the product meets the requirements becomes a guarantee of reliability and correct operation of the software.

In the digital age, where security becomes paramount, QA plays an important role in detecting and fixing problems. As a result, Quality Assurance becomes not just a step in development but a fundamental part of the software development process. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, effective implementation of QA not only ensures a successful product launch, but also sets the foundation for its long-term success and user satisfaction.