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Web application vs. website: Uncovering benefits of each solution

Web application vs. website

One of the primary steps for companies striving to build up a web presence is considering website web application differences. The definitions of web applications and websites are seemingly easy to understand: the first one is the app based on a web browser, and the second one comprises digital pages to which users gain access via a web browser. However, confusion may arise due to the recent blurring of the line between these two. 

The issue isn’t complicated as it seems to be

Initially, most sites were so-called collections of images and texts. With the era of the web evolving, most websites started to provide users with interactive features. The question becomes even more complicated as some brands use the term “website” to point out their online presence, comprising all digital platforms they have. 

At PNN Soft, we have qualified staff members who develop digital ecosystems that contain multiple web solutions, customers, suppliers, third-party data providers, applications, and diverse sets of technologies. However, if you are eager to learn more about the difference between portal and web application and select a perfect fit for your company, we will assist you. In this post, we will dwell on the differences between web solutions and web apps to help you elicit more benefits from the upcoming digital transformation. 

A remarkable online presence: website or web app?

A website is typically accessed by a URL (Uniform Resource Locator), as it is usually composed of webpage groups. In other words, numerous individual files work on displaying the content on the screen. The internet users get accustomed to primary sections of websites, such as the company’s Home page or “About us” or FAQs, etc. Well, you are reading this article on the website.

So the structure of the website precedes the web vs app question. If your objective is to provide potential clients with clear information on services/products or develop brand vision consistently, the first one will match your intentions more. Within the website, offering more complex and coherent customer support and showcasing your company’s case studies is also simpler. Websites are generally more associated with desktop solutions adapted to mobile view.

Conversely, web apps are more agile systems that can be easily modified or updated in line with upscaling. They are usually created based on Java, PHP or Perl, using storage databases PostgreSQL or MySQL. Web apps are associated with cross-platform solutions.  Thus, most commonly, you would need a web app to develop an out-of-the-box solution, obtain more engaging UX/UI, and build more personal connections with your customers. Another goal companies with web apps strive to achieve is trimming down data organization efforts.

benefits of web app development services

Alongside that, we can highlight more differences in line with the following parameters.

The web app is primarily developed for interaction with end users in mind, whereas the website is more about static content with no restrictions for access. Hence, web app users would manipulate data, and website visitors would view and read pages, not impacting the system’s functions. 

Your answer to the web app vs website question will result in the presence/absence of an authentication feature. As the former presupposes more space for interaction, app authentication is a must. The user may or may not authenticate within the website, depending on whether (s)he wants to have additional features available. 

The structure of web apps is more complex compared to websites. Websites provide users with static content by displaying collected data on their particular pages. The web app is also a part of the website, and the latter is a complete programming product. 

Your IT vendor will need to pre-compile the app, not the website. As for re-compiling, it has to be done with all changes in the first cases. When you need to make small changes to your system for a website, you can have the HTML code updated. 

Which solution to select, knowing the difference between a website and a web application?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. When it comes to developing any software solution, it always requires a tailor-made approach. However, there are markers that will help the customer to orient and cooperate more closely and efficiently with the IT service provider.

Website pros and cons

Web app  pros and cons

difference between a website and a web app

Websites vs web applications? Regardless of choice, we have got you covered

The PNN Soft team has 20+ years of experience in creating web solutions on the basis of JavaScript, Angular, React, C, Rails, and other proven tech stacks. Alongside that, we offer our clients gamified QA and testing services, so you can always level up your existing solution by cooperating with us. 

During full-cycle website or app development, we stick with our clients from ideation to post-development phases and prioritize long-term partnerships. Therefore, if your goal is to create a custom-made and easily scalable solution, we can help you address all the challenges along the way. If you are directed towards hassle-free modification of the existing solution, we will gladly assist.

For further IT consulting or sharing the idea of a transformative project for your company, contact us via the form below.