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Web Applications Development for Online Tickets Reservation and Purchasing

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Tickets Reservation Overview

Tickets Reservation is an interactive, database-driven, seating diagram, where chairs represent seats available for reservation. If the user moves the mouse pointer over a chair, it changes color, and the seat detail (section, row, and seat number) and pricing are displayed. If the mouse is moved over an empty seat, the seat is still highlighted and detailed but is unavailable for sale. Clicking the mouse on an available seat toggles the seat and puts it in your “buy” list. After the first seat is added, a “buy” button and the order total become visible. This application can be easily integrated with different server-side databases, which maintain information about performance schedule, seats and prices. 

Technical features:

Target server platform: Windows 2003 Server, IIS 6.0 and more.
Target client browsers: IE 6.0 and Fire Fox 2.0.
GUI Framework:ASP.Net 2.0.
Data sources:SQL server, Access, MySQL, XML files.
Data accesses:ADO.Net, XML parsers.
Web services access:SOAP web proxies.
GUI features:DHTML, AJAX, SVG or Flash.
Localization resources: resx files.

Business-logic features:

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a language for describing two-dimensional graphics and graphical applications in XML from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). With SVG, Web developers and designers are given a powerful tool to dynamically generate high-quality graphics from real-time data with precise structural and visual control.

True power and flexibility of SVG language take their roots in the following features of this Web-oriented technology:

  1. Data-driven graphics This is XML-based technology and could be easily linked to back-end business processes such as e-commerce systems, corporate databases, and other rich sources of real-time information. XSLT technology is suited ideally to make a bridge between XML-capable data sources and Web-based SVG graphics.
  2.  Interactive graphics SVG offers a wide range of interactive capabilities that clears the way for the creation of rich Web-based applications and complex user interfaces with common Web scripting and programming languages such as JavaScript, Java, and Microsoft Visual Basic.

For more details about SVG format and news on the development of SVG capable software and hardware worldwide, visit World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) SVG Home Page. Contact us for bespoke software development.