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International Debt Collection Software System Development Project Overview

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PNN Soft Company in cooperation with the Rumanian group of developers is implementing the project of international Debt Collection Software System development

The system is designed to provide a complete debt lifecycle from the point of delinquency through to writs of execution or finalization.

The system will help to reduce the total cost of ownership and drive efficiency to a company through advanced collections functionality, broad third party integration and decision support and intelligence. Also, an automated system can help track and manage Cost Recovery and Profit on Recovery.

The system is a Windows-based Client-Server Application that encapsulates the entire Debt Collection Lifecycle. Unlike other similar systems, it can manage all functions from Invoice Generation and Ledger Management through to complex Legal Processes.

It is employed in organizations from the “one man band” through to in excess of 300 operators accessing one application at the same time. System can handle even more, in excess of 10,000 collectors. It is limited only by the communications network and hardware platform of a company.

System is a solid application, with a strong upgrade path. System can communicate with In-House systems via ODBC, FTP, XML and Remote Procedure Calls. System Major


Business logic:

Technical features of the project: