Promotional iPad App by PNN Soft Company


Among all the ways of information delivering to consumers the promotional apps are the most advanced tools, from the point of view of technology. 

Varieties of applications are becoming more and more popular among the millions of mobile devices users, in comparison with the computer programs or websites.

Studies show that over 90% of the Android and iPhone mobile devices users prefer to get new information through the mobile device, not through the computer. Thus, the owners of smartphones are precisely the audience that will use your application, and may become your potential customers in the future.

According to the СomScore, The Nielsen Company’s data, major iPhone users are the business audience, while Android devices users are major youth. These studies are the basis of the concept for the future mobile applications.

Taking into account current market trends, PNN Soft Company offers a full cycle of promotional applications development:

  • future application concept development,
  • application design development,
  • application development,
  • testing and support. 

Our promotional application for iPad is developed especially for the foreign customer and has the following features:

  • slide effect,
  • drag and drop effect,
  • video presentation and
  • interactive presentation of the company's products to attract customers’ attention to the new product line.

The application allows simultaneous video stream, static information, animation, sound effects etc.  Marketing specialists of major domestic and foreign companies such as, Kodak, Zara, H & M, New Yorker, Hugo Boss, Rado, Intersection, Amway, M-Video, Cosmopolitan, Around the World, Audi, Gucci, HP, Adidas and others have already made the promotional applications their main competitive advantage and the main marketing tool not lose of the audience. Start promoting your products through mobile corporate and promotional applications and you are likely to surprise your clients.


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