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Business process automation for the publishing industry

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PNN Soft has done Business Process development or reengineering for a wide range of companies

This case study is based on the implementation of a newly developed process for one average size company.
This company is considered as one of the leaders in the publishing industry. However, some time ago the company’s management realized that the established operational processes are too old and inflexible for the future business growth.

They decided to introduce a more effective Business Process and after some market research, employed PNN Soft for its development and implementation. PNN Soft gathered requirements, developed a working prototype of the workflow, clarified the customer needs and delivered the final solution.

At the requirements gathering phase it is became clear that the client needs developing its operational workflow.

There were few different options suitable for the task, including buying off the shelf products, implementing a customized PNN Soft standard solution or developing a completely new system. After some cost and benefits analysis, the client selected the “new system” solution.

The main reasons for this choice are:

On the technical side of the project, PNN Soft described the targeted process as the following workflow:

Accept and incoming request → Check with warehouse the availability of the resources → Schedule the request → Generate an execution plan with possible interruptions → Accept the final product → Send the leftovers, if any back to the warehouse → Close the request.

This workflow has been implemented using module technology and based on proprietary technology JPortalBase. As a possible addition to the original workflow PNN Soft offered step after the work on the request had been completed. In this new feature, the client saw a benefit of monitoring saved resources. They signed a new contract on the upgrade of the originally system.

The upgraded system was successfully implemented without stopping running client’s operations.

PNN Soft Company has vast experience in practical problem solving of business process automation and for corporate business and industrial enterprises. We are pleased to share our expertise and best practices with new customers.